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Another award!Chengcheng Advertising won the "2021 Sichuan Top Ten City Landmark Advertising Media"

Another award!Chengcheng Advertising won the "2021 Sichuan Top Ten City Landmark Advertising Media"


       On the afternoon of April 22nd,The 2022 General meeting of Sichuan Advertising Association was successfully held,Sichuan Market Supervision Bureau advertising Division Director Fang Min, deputy director Bi Sheng attended the meeting and spoke,The meeting was presided over by Wang Lina, secretary-general of Sichuan Advertising Association,Representatives of member enterprises and municipal advertising associations from cities and states of the province attended the meeting。


      The meeting reviewed and approved: by Luo Xian, Chu Liang,Sichuan Chengcheng advertising Co., LTD. Deputy general manager Wen JunHe is also deputy Secretary-General of Sichuan Advertising Association。In addition, the meeting also reviewed and passed the 2021 Sichuan advertising industry evaluation list, Sichuan Chengcheng Advertising Co., Ltd. won the "2021 Sichuan Top Ten city landmark advertising media" and "2021 Sichuan Excellent advertisers" two awards。

       Deputy Secretary-General of Sichuan Advertising Association From left to right: Luo Xian, Chu Liang,文俊

       Since its establishment in 1996, Chengcheng advertising has been adhering to the corporate philosophy of "not sincere, promising and will become", serving brand advertisers in various industries for a long time, and has accumulated rich industry experience and good market reputation。In the 26 years of vigorous growth, Chengcheng Advertising has always paid close attention to the development of the industry, actively participated in the advertising festival and other major industry activities, exchange and cooperation with industry colleagues, and offered suggestions for the development of the advertising industry。Chengcheng Advertising is enthusiastic about social welfare, and has fulfilled its social responsibility through loving donations and participation in public service advertising activities for many times, and has won the recognition and commendation of Sichuan Advertising Association。


★2021 Sichuan Advertising Industry Award List (part)


2021 Sichuan Top ten city landmark advertising media

Sichuan Yashi Wei advertising Co., LTD

Sichuan Shudu building advertising Co., LTD

Sichuan Youyue Culture media Co., LTD

Sichuan Chengcheng advertising Co., LTD

Sichuan Huma Culture Media Co., LTD

Phoenix City Media (Sichuan) Co., LTD

Chengdu Dayu good action media limited liability company

Chengdu Bule Advertising Culture Communication Co., LTD. (Chert)

Chengdu Gaoxin Media Co., LTD

Chengdu rail resources management Co., LTD


2021 Sichuan excellent advertising man

Li Liang Sichuan all Dongfeng advertising media Co., LTD

Liu Chunyue Sichuan transport media Co., LTD

Xu Qing Sichuan Huma Culture Media Co., LTD

Chen Chao Sichuan transportation media Co., LTD

Huang March Sichuan Beichen advertising Co., LTD

Xu Xiaobo Sichuan Shudu Building advertising Co., LTD

Tan Yiou Sichuan Dayu Weiye Media Co., LTD

Wenjun Sichuan Chengcheng advertising Co., LTD

Zhao Peng Sichuan Leihang Cultural Industry Co., LTD

Zhou Ying Sichuan Province Mingjia advertising decoration Co., LTD

Feng Yusheng Chengdu Yuquan Star Advertising Co., LTD

Yang Juan Chengdu Mini Video Media Technology Co., LTD. (Xinhua 5G video Ring back tone)

Zeng Cheng Chengdu Flintstone line film technology Co., LTD

Zhou Jian Neijiang Moses advertising Co., LTD

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